COVID Holiday Weekend

People are on the move for their right to PART TAY!!  On my morning scan of FB, the big event in my beach hometown is the Iron Man.  This was started when I was in my teens by a group of guys still in their teens, early 20’s.  I might have some of this wrong, but you run soft sand a mile or two, then grab your longboard and paddle that distance to finish up drinking a 6-pack.  If you barf after that, you’re DQ’d.

The ways to get around barfing have been to open a beer a crack to get rid of the carbonation, they had to set rules around that because people were “cheating.”  I haven’t gone down to that since the first few when I was 17, 1980, when there were just a few friends from that street in Hermosa Beach.  Now it’s a huge event.

Of course, it’s cancelled this year.  On my FB feed there was a guy with long grey hair, totally bummed dude.  I didn’t recognize the name, he must be (gasp) younger than me?  He was saying to meet at the beach anyway, which is closed BTW, to pick up commemorative t-shirts for the cancelled event.  A few thoughts came to mind to post, which I didn’t because I’m no longer a local, one was GROW THE F UP!!  OMG!!  DUDE!!

SoCal is just looking like a bunch of whiners, not spring chickens, with their kids headed straight to USC and Trumpers.  I’m disgusted.

Lucky for me, I’ve got the boat.  I’m doing a sail out to Benicia for the weekend with a friend for the weekend.  When things started opening up I picked my bubble of friends.  I took my friends daughters sailing, then sat in their backyard last week.  Everything has been outside so far.  From what the girls say, the 20-somethings are totally partying and the raves are still happening.  Which makes me think one thing, family only when my friend leaves.

I’m also getting tested, signed up for a drive through on the 10th.  My mom is back in lockdown, H and one son are in New Mexico, other son here and being super cautious.  New Mexico is strict again after yesterday and there’s now a 14 day quarantine for visitors since they border Texas and Arizona.

Really though, after a few incidents where people have been totally rude out and about I’m good at home.  One woman was in my favorite lunch place without a mask and leaning over the counter practically daring them to say something and totally taking her time.  They didn’t, I didn’t say anything either, and she walked out satisfied with her lame ass self.  What she doesn’t know is that the owner is retiring, they’re either going to sell or close.  They’ve had enough, so while the owner is smiling at “Karen” and seemingly giving in, retirement can’t come soon enough.

Even though I’m excited to go on this sailing adventure, I’m nervous too since this girl works at a Trader Joe’s.  She’s the one who was here a few months ago when the COVID cruise ship came in to dock in Oakland while we were sailing.  Within days, everyones lives changed.  Her uncle is friends with my brother, that’s how we met.  One of my many adopted daughters… still.

I would say I’m only being cautious and not overly paranoid, there’s a reason for that I can’t disclose quite yet.  When my friend leaves, I’ll quarantine myself until I’m tested.  The chances are low, we’ve all been really careful and our county never really did open up too much.  Of all of California, the Bay Area has taken this pretty seriously.

What I think about sometimes as the state opens while the numbers are climbing is are they just opening up because they now have enough ventilators now?  Yikes!  It seems that we’ll probably all get this at some point.

Don’t want to be doom & gloom either, as 2020 has proved life is all about curveballs.





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