Self Quarantine…Again

Embarrassed to say how stupid I feel right now for the mere fact I don’t know how to say “NO” or “HELL NO” to people who want to come and visit.

At least I’ll be by myself for a true quarantine and get tested on Friday.  There’s a definite age group that could care less, besides my boys who actually are taking this very seriously along with my DIL.

My friend and her girls tested positive, the only people I’ve been around besides my family and CFI (who I was trying to set up with one of the girls).  She’s pissed at my reaction. It was one of her girls that told me they had been exposed, not her.  I said it was irresponsible of her to be around people knowing that her girls are traveling and going to parties.  She turned it around to be that my reaction is the reason why people don’t say anything, she’s compromised and that she has been totally responsible about it.  I would say her daughter was the responsible one.

It’s been at least a week since I sat outside with her daughter for lunch, I have no symptoms.

That doesn’t worry me as much as the girl who asked to come up for the 4th of July that works at Trader Joe’s.  When she asked if she could come up and stay with me, I cleared the schedule for after she left and scheduled for a test anyway.  I have not been around my family at all since I’ve been around my friend and her girls, not worried about passing anything along on that front.

It’s just really upsetting 🙁  I had a good 4th, the TJ’s girl and I sailed to Benicia.  I was going to single hand it until she called to see if she could come up.  When I mentioned some reasons I wasn’t around people, she was OK with that 🙁  What I mean by that is for her own safety in staying with me, she didn’t disclose she had gone to a protest or any of her interactions until we were well into the trip.

Knowing that I wouldn’t be around anyone after she left, I scheduled my test for Friday and now in quarantine.

At this point, the only way not to get it is to not just be around ANYONE.  Since I’ve lost  all faith in humanity, I’m OK with that.  If I’ve learned anything about this is that people don’t disclose where they’ve been until they’ve already been with you or after the fact.  In “normal” times, because of where I live, during the summer people are always calling to stay here & I don’t mind at all.  You can’t trust people when they want to do what they want to do.

I’d love to see my mom or uncle, wouldn’t have dared doing that until after I’ve been tested.  I just have to think of it that way and have stronger boundaries.


Well, I got a fun weekend in and I can go back & forth to the boat without worry.  Here are some pics & a video, hopefully it’s not an omen??  I have Scot in me, had to film it.  Gorgeous full moon the other night.  I stayed very clear of everyone & wore a mask the whole time.

I can’t wait until this is just a travel/life blog again.  I’m not going to travel at the expense of others, that part has been insane.


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