No Symptoms

So far, so good.  It’s been almost 2 weeks since I went to that outdoor lunch with the family who tested positive, the girl who stayed with me left on the 7th and I’m still sitting that one out self quarantined.  The hardest part is trusting that other people have good judgement when they are around you – maskless.  Both situations I trusted either the mom or the girl who asked to stay with me that they were being careful, telling them my situation with my mom and my daughter in law…they both assured me how careful they had all been.

The lesson here is what peoples definition of being careful is?  For me, it’s being around only one handful of people outside of my family, at a distance.  For others, it’s parties and protests – but only a few parties and only one protest.

Then my own judgement and lame boundaries.

It is what it is, we’re all going to be exposed sooner or later and I’m tired of being mad at anyone but myself for thinking it was safe to be around anyone right now.  I made that decision (based on the assurance the few people I’ve been around have been careful, still, I showed up).  The one smart thing I did was say “no” when the mom asked to go on the sailing trip.  She had me take her daughters sailing weeks ago, we were all outside the whole time.

If I could emphasize anything right now it’s DON’T INVITE YOURSELF PLACES!!  Don’t put people in that situation where they have to say “no” when they would otherwise be happy to see you.  When I mentioned the stair climb in October to my uncle, I could tell by the tone of his voice he was worried.  It’s since been cancelled, and as the months have rolled on and Arizona is out of control there’s no way I would put him at risk.

Just figure you have it, or figure everyone else does and make the decision from there.  My decision to have that girl come sailing with me included the decision to get tested and self quarantine when she left.

I test tomorrow, it sounds like the results might take 10 days in CA.  Even if it’s negative from the one family, it still might not have been long enough to test positive from the sailing trip.  At least  it stops here, I planned to isolate regardless.  This time anyway, it’s a frigg’in minefield out there.

It would be nice to relax one week in 2020 without being blindsided, what an insane year!

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