And now, I wait

Went in to get tested, it was pretty easy actually.  I signed up on-line a week before when the girl who works at Trader Joe’s didn’t back down from visiting and staying with me.  What I didn’t expect is that other family txt’ing me saying they’re all positive!  Doing the math, out of possibly 10 (if that) people outside of family since March – 3 are positive.  That’s a pretty high percentage.

It’s been 12 days since the one girl came to lunch and at least 14 since her mom walked with me then had the backyard cocktail hour.  Pretty sure I’m over that hump with them, it’s only been 4 days since TJ’s girl left so still sitting that one out.

What I learned the last few days is the 20-somethings are underground partying with abandon, the worst demographic to be around.  My boys are in their 20’s, they’re actually more cautious than I even am.  I’ve been cautious for them, not the other way around.  I can’t fault kids for that, ripped out of school to be depressed at home?  There’s not one person I talked to whose kid isn’t sleeping in until noon.

Just have to proceed with caution from here on out, which is such a bummer!  COVID’s holding hostages, like have no social life if you ever want to see your mom again.  She’s lonely, I can’t go see her until I’ve tested negative and even for another week after that.  It’s so confusing, the timing of getting tested counts too.

In the meantime, I wait again.  I’m kind of a loner by nature, that part doesn’t bother me that much.  Started binge watching Ozark, can go kayak solo, there are things I can do and not be around people.  I can’t go walk around, there are just too many people out on trails around here.   Have to Door Dash, my walks downtown are too crowded.  Cancelled my pool times, I don’t want to be “that gal” either.

The results were supposed to be 48 hours and now might be a week.  So far, so good though since I’m not sick.  If I’m positive, at least I would have made it through with no symptoms and totally isolated, and if I’m negative then I need to choose my bubble a little more wisely.  COVID would have given me a second chance…wow.



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