Things to do while waiting test results…

14 days since contact with COVID, 7 days since my guest left and started self quarantine, 3 days since my test which might take a week for results.  Gone through a gambit of emotions.  Now I’m just waiting it out, almost hoping I do have it if I’m not sick and haven’t been around anyone else.

Lots of lessons here, even if your careful you can’t trust that others feel the same.  My guest just posted a group hug pic at her cousins birthday party, mask-less (to my horror). She was there when I got the text and went right back to work and parties.

There are things I can do solo, like go to the boat steering clear of others.  Sunday was actually a good day, went to throw my kayak that’s on the boat in the water.  The water is really the only place there are no walking crowds, I’ve stopped going for walks with my whole neighborhood out there.


Got quite a workout just getting in and out of the kayak!  That took me longer than actually paddling around the marina.  That one section they took the docks out, it looks like I paddled across the docks there.  Getting out was quite a challenge, especially with the docks high enough to have to use a combination of balance and a pull up.  Not like I could ask for help getting pulled up.  It all worked, grabbed a gatorade from the fridge then headed home.

This is a really light weight, foldable kayak: They give a 10% referral discount through that link.


There’s a treadmill in the garage too, I can just get my steps in at home.  Have a Gaia yoga subscription, between those 3 things I can at least keep fit.  Besides, I’m used to this now after March where we were forced indoors out of nowhere and scrambling for food & TP, not knowing what was going to happen.  I already wrote off traveling anywhere in 2020 completely off.

The only places I might go (if I’m negative) is to see my mom and then sit the rest of this out in New Mexico.  I’ll have to figure out the public bathroom part of that trip is all.  Everyone in my family is against getting a little trailer, so I’ll have to figure something else out.

My only true concern is Thursday is my night to bring dinner to my friend who has pancreatic cancer, I won’t be able to do that 🙁  I can send them dinner, I’m just so afraid I might not see him again and I think that is what makes me the saddest throughout all this.  I had explained this to my “bubble” before seeing anyone outside of family.

In that regard, a negative would at least allow all that.

Don’t want to end on a sad note, just rolling with the 2020 punches.  I’m healthy, have actually lost weight throughout this, did a better cut/dye job than the hair salons and Sunday night is mani/pedi nights.  Most importantly, I haven’t passed this on if I do have it.

Here’s another mask project for me, I ordered this fabric made through Zazzle:


This fabric is a little thicker than the cotton masks they make on Zazzle, but that’s OK.  I do have a Zazzle store under Helleren_Gregory of masks and clocks.  They have a referral program too:  You’ll have to type my name in the search engine for my store.

Not like I’m trying to make money off of this poorly read blog, it might just go to my travel porta-potty fund?  Which is probably my next click & if there is a referral program for that, I will put it in my next blog.   Stay safe everyone!

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