5 days & waiting

This is frustrating!!  When that woman signed off saying they tested positive she said, “Sorry for the inconvenience.”  At least I have a chance to just sit tight and study for this IFR (Instrument rating) test.  I’ve been studying for months and doing practice tests.  There are a few things that weren’t clicking that are coming together, thanks to my SIM.

If I test positive, at least I’m not sick and haven’t been around anyone else but I also lose my medical and am grounded.  My neighbor said the tests are now taking 10 days for results 🙁  She caught me on my mailbox walk with my PJ bottoms and a sweatshirt coming out from my “Ozark” coma.

Just plugg’in along, there’s really not much to say besides spewing out what everyone already knows.

The most frustrating part is that if we would have just sat tight those few months, we’d be done by now.

We decided going to New Mexico to sit this out isn’t the best idea for me (after results of course).  It takes me 3 days, there’s NO WAY I’m staying in Arizona on the way out.  There’s also a 14 day quarantine for anyone entering the state of New Mexico, don’t think I can handle back to back quarantines?  It’s been 5 days since my test, 10 days in quarantine at home.

That’s it, just an update of me hanging out watching the clock tick…again.

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