No results still…8 days later

How incredibly inefficient!!  Monday I would have sat it out 14 days for the woman and her daughters who tested positive and the one I took sailing.  Here’s the deal with that, I quarantined immediately after she left and have seen no one.  That’s me, anyone else would have just gone about their lives with no symptoms to await test results then 8 (or possibly 10?) days later have to recount everyone they ran into awaiting those results if they’re positive.  I’m hearing a lot of those kind of stories.

I signed up to swim on Monday, going nuts at home.  There are only 6 more episodes of Ozark left, what I try to do is keep myself busy until at least 4p before the TV goes on.  In my previous life, it was 7p or 8p and just to wind the day down.

A body at rest stays at rest, this routine is not a good one.  You need a reason to wake up in the morning besides just making the day go by as fast as possible, that’s just existing.

The news last night said our county is distance learning this semester again, the kids aren’t going back to school.  My kids are grown and out of school, my heart goes out to those kids who aren’t going back to school this semester either…2020 is awash.

The good news is that I’m ready for my  IFR test, scoring high on my practice tests.

Despite pending test results, it’s time for me to get out again.  The treadmill just isn’t doing it for me, I need a long hike.  Just been waiting for the spiders to get me, I’ve become a master spider killer.  I hate spiders!  Was all nestled up in the Lay-Z-Boy when one crawled up then went out of sight, I have no idea where it is but they’re coming to get me!


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