Escape from L.A.

It’s good to be back home, it’s been strange every time I go someplace else and adjust to it. What’s been the most shocking is how packed the beaches were?? More than ever!! Usually I throw a bike in my truck so I don’t deal with parking closer to the beach, but since I didn’t do that I spent about 45 minutes trying to park that one day. The next day we drove to Palos Verdes so my mom could see the coast line, the beaches were beyond packed.

Manhattan Beach has a mask ordinance, the farther South we drove the more that went away. Not the ordinance, just the fact that people weren’t wearing masks. My own opinion is that it’s highly doubtful if you’re outside it’s likely to spread. Swimming in an ocean full of pee… Maybe?

I stayed away from everyone for the rest of the trip, just did the usual 24/7 tech support. My mom had a really old Mac, I got her an iPad for Christmas that had everything she really needs. She insisted she needed her computer fixed, so my brother brought up one they don’t use anymore and basically just plugged it in. My last day down there was tech support to get everything she wanted on that computer.

It would be one thing to do that if she didn’t pull up a chair to watch me and the screen the whole damn time wondering why it was taking so long? Drives me nuts.

It seems like all the campgrounds, beaches, everything is overcrowded right now. The protests are still happening 2 months later, getting a resurgence of all that happened in May.

I was thinking about that xBF’s total jerk reaction hanging up on his lifelong friend. I asked T if maybe it was because he thought we were dating? He said no, he did get in the fact I was married and we all went to dinner right before this shutdown. It’s baffling to me? Especially since we had always been careful about being friends when we were single because of the xBF. We stayed in touch, did a bunch of stuff together, but never dated out of respect for their friendship. Maybe he should have told him I said, “Hi” 34 years ago before we both got married?? Haha.

Oh well, I’m not mad just baffled. My mom said, “Just let that one go” in a tone that sounded like I was obsessing for years or something and she didn’t want to hear it. My mom can be a little like Dr. Laura in the empathy department. One New Years Eve I didn’t get invited out by someone I kind of liked and she said, “He owes you nothing.” OK? Of course not, but it’s not like I was sitting around with a bowl of ice cream crying either. I went out that night and had an absolute blast…probably had more fun than if that guy would have invited me out.

That was all so long ago, obviously this weird forced isolation has me back in the day.

As for the drive back, my halfway Harris Ranch stop was open. They had patio seating that was nicer than sitting indoors. They’re putting up charging stations there for cars other than Tesla, Tesla has a bunch. The Hyundai I bought has the same range as a Tesla, I can’t make it to L.A. on one charge so it was nice to see that. The bummer was, it’s Electrify America charging stations that had that glitch in January for Kias & Hyundais charging me $70 for a top off of maybe 50 miles. The bank finally got $50 of it back, calling Electrify America customer service was useless. I’m envisioning a bunch of shocked EV car owners coming out to a bill that was more than lunch or gas.

Glad to escape the L.A. hotspot unscathed (so far). There’s really no place that isn’t a hotspot right now anyway, just have to mask up and wait this all out. It’s a minefield out there any way you want to look at it.

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