Over Studying

It would be nice to come out of this COVID ordeal with some kind of accomplishment besides being able to cut & dye my own hair. The instrument rating test (IFR) is scheduled for Thursday morning, kind of a now or never thing. I’m tired of studying every day, it’s time to just do it. Besides, this is just for me and not leading to any kind of job. If nothing else it makes me a better pilot. The main goal is to be able to cut through fog when I go to my mom’s, have no desire to fly in bad weather.

This is the last day of taking practice tests, tapering tomorrow to clear my brain.

Otherwise feeling very lucky to even be in this situation after the bottom fell out of the whole world in March. This doesn’t seem to be like smallpox, it’s not over yet though. We’ve somehow adjusted to it by staying away from everyone and not having school age kids anymore has helped. The hardest part has been not being able to go anywhere really, which is just whining compared to most.

It’s good for me to sit tight to focus and get this IFR stuff over with. It’s good to know at 57 I still have the ability to study and/or focus at all. Even this blog is just to wake my brain up in the mornings, if anyone reads it, yay!

After the test I just want to veg out and read a book then dust off my camera again. The pic is one of the nights I tried to see the comet, never did see it. It was completely black when I put it in the computer, since I shoot everything in RAW just in case I was able to pull the stars in Lightroom. Not sure if that was the same night Jefferey died? I spent a couple of his last nights out there looking at the stars and thinking about him while searching for the comet.

There are a few passages of time that have happened to put things in perspective, one was he was diagnosed and gone in 2 months 🙁 Then the few other strange transitions were going to the dentist for the first time. I was in the chair telling the hygienist that it seems like I’m in there every week when really it’s 6 mos, this time 9 mos. My friend that I went to Mexico with in March sent pictures of her baby, and guess what? She’s still a baby. I almost expected her to be 10 by now.

Just a few random thoughts on my study break. Still grieving, it comes in waves.

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