I Passed!!

So glad to have that over with! The studying was all consuming but it certainly got me through these past few months. This is the first morning I haven’t had to wake up to take a timed practice test for the past few weeks. This was for my Instrument Rating for flying, it was the written so I still need to get my hours in to take the practical. I’ve taken so many written/practical tests for flying and sailing, you’d think I’d be a good test taker?

Now to just get the IFR hours to take the practical, and boy do I have the free time to knock those hours out. We did a celebration flight to Auburn for lunch where I wore foggles to get a few hours in. Foggles go over my glasses for a limited view of just the instruments and makes it look like the outside is cloudy. You also look like a total dork, with the masks/face shields/whatever there’s no escaping the dork look.

Nowhere near a checkride yet, I still need about 20 hours before I can do that. I’m getting it though, it’s pretty straightforward once it’s all plugged into the GPS. The hardest part is when you’re coming from a radial, it’s all reversed. In the olden days, before GPS, you used the VOR’s on a compass radial. There’s a “to/from” indicator, when you’re heading “To” it’s all good. When you’re coming “From” North is South, East is West, it’s just a mess. Very easy to get confused, especially in bad weather (which I never plan to fly in). You still have to know the VOR’s in case the GPS goes out, Garmin got hacked just last week.

Otherwise just waiting out COVID to see what’s next? I went into a Target for the first time since all of this happened, the last time I was there was March when the TP hoarding was going on and took a picture of the empty paper products isle. This whole time I’ve stayed away from crowded stores like Costco, Trader Joe’s, Target. It was packed on a Thursday afternoon? It was bizarre, the muzak was in the background with bad, old sci-fi movie announcements, “Remember to please stand 6′ away from other guests! You must wear a mask, if you are unable to wear a mask please contact a customer service representative to get your items.”

A little brain dead after that test, happy to have that out of the way to just focus on the flying. Something challenging and something to look forward to for when we get out of this strange time.

As for COVID, not being paranoid about it just cautious & considerate. Was it Obama that said, “If you live in fear, the terrorists have won.” Something like that. Life always throws curveballs, so far no one I know has it. Even the woman who said she had it so I quarantined and tested I don’t think had it, she’s made no mention of being sick or recovering – only wine tasting in Napa and being a mentor. She’s out fighting windmills.

Maybe we all are? My dad suffers from the same affliction. My son has been trying to make golf a career, we’ve been trying to give him the opportunity to do that. Can’t tell what’s following your dreams and when it crosses the line to delusional? I know plenty of pro athletes, especially volleyball players from my hometown. Some guy is starting this business that’s called, “From Gods to Ghosts” about the 80’s volleyball world…yikes!! Those are the guys are grew up with, he thinks they’re ghosts?? Maybe I have no concept of how old I actually am?

I’m going to put this song my brother sent me yesterday from his 80’s rockabilly band. How my brother was never a famous rock star I’ll never understand, same with one of my drummer neighbors. I do remember at one time my brother saying he never wanted to be famous. My brother looked like a Ken doll when we were younger, women would befriend me to get to my brother.

Got off on a different tangent…

By the time this is over with, if nothing else I’ll have learned how to spell quarantine without spellcheck.

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