Strange Days

This has been a bizarre few days in U.S. history with our president trying to wipe out voting by mail, or say it will be rigged or invalid, preparing us all for an ugly battle for the presidency even if he loses by a landslide. Even if we vote him out, it’s going to be ugly. He is NOT for the people, that was clear from the very beginning.

A few months ago I was writing about getting a pistol that had too much kick to it after the looting. My brother recommended another one that I was able to order and purchase at the San Jose Cabella’s a few weeks ago. I like the target practice, I’ll never use it besides my own personal hand/eye coordination at the range. I’ll admit, de-funding the police scares me too. If I hadn’t been smack in the middle of that first night of looting (no protests) it would have never crossed my mind.

The email came that I could pick up, grabbed my paperwork and drove the hour in the morning. The email said you have to go down and put your name on a list for same day appointments, I got there around 10a. I figured it would be an all day event, what happened is the appointments filled up in 15 min. for the day. An hour drive for nothing. The people who were waiting to take the safety test said the weekend was a huge line to get in, basically you have to camp overnight in the parking lot.

The guys waiting in the lobby were giving people the info, there was no one at the sign in desk. I called the store to get someone over there, they put me on hold indefinitely (like they always do at those Pro Bass shops, the times I’ve gone in one they’re notoriously understaffed). Finally 2 young women came over to explain how it works. I said I drove for an hour, that this new system was totally inefficient and made it impossible to pick up a pre-paid order. You can’t make an appointment for another day, although they took my name to shut me up saying they would call…haha.

A few things happened while I was talking to them at the desk, some guy came right up behind me and knocked my cell to the floor. He ran into me, not quite 6′ apart I’d say? The other weird thing was as I was walking out this maskless guy said, “Vote.” Vote for what? Better customer service?? He was standing too close for comfort too.

Drove back, called their main customer service, then cancelled my order for a refund saying they made it impossible to pick up.

Most of the day I was wondering about the crappy customer service when my brain finally turned around to think bigger picture – Wow on the people standing out there buying guns on a Monday!! While people are protesting to de-fund police, everyone else is stock piling. That one time I tried to go to a local range there was a Disneyland size line and I drove away.

Those are just the people trying to do it legally, yikes!!

Then I watched “Contagion” for the first time, it was like a COVID playbook. Did people act insane because they saw the movie? All of 2020 has been so weird, hard to know up from down or what is REALLY going on. The only difference in the movie was they tested & got a vaccine right away…Oopsie’s on that one. We still don’t have adequate testing, mine was booked a week in advance then took 8 days for a negative result. For sure my buds at the store yesterday think this is all a hoax.

Because I don’t watch a lot of TV, I’m a little in the dark about what’s been going on out there. I stick to myself and try to be considerate. At first I was pissed about my morning, today I’m re-thinking if I want to join the ranks of people who bump into you during a pandemic or go maskless into a store telling people to vote. Turning it around in my mind to be shocked about the whole experience.

What really is happening with me is I’m watching the world with my jaw to the ground, you better believe I’m going to vote.

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