NorCal Smoke clearing & Random Stuff

Went to San Jose yesterday, in the morning you could still smell smoke. By the afternoon it seemed to be clearing out. The fires are near Santa Cruz and in the hills in between San Jose and the Central Valley. Almost 30 years ago we lived in Oakland for those fires, what I remember the most was the wind. Thankfully, we didn’t have those winds this go-around.

It seemed OK smoke wise to go ahead and swim this morning, the last few weeks it’s either been 105 or too much smoke. Oh yeah, then there’s COVID. Hopping out of the pool I was eating cleaning solution. They were cleaning all the outdoor equipment, it was like drinking Windex, you need a mask to just not ingest it.

My 6th grade BF died today πŸ™ I really haven’t seen him since we were in 8th grade. Our innocent crush consisted of me being at ANOTHER new school where he was BMOC and kind of a dick to me at first. His sister narked on him, saying that there was a cottage in their backyard where he had a picture of me & formed a “Heller club.” What a weird memory I completely forgot about. That’s 3 peers this month, you would think I’m 80 πŸ™

I’ve been playing on & off since I was a kid, never got very good. I peaked out in middle school with music singing and playing piano at my 8th grade graduation. Now it’s just a challenge or annoyance for my poor neighbors. Life is short, too short to be embarrassed about anything anymore.

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