2020, Year of the Absurd

Just when it seems things might get a little normal, there’s a twist. It’s been easier (and mandatory) to eat at home since March. The downtown restaurants have been open for awhile with outside seating and it’s really nice. It makes it look like a European village, something we won’t be seeing soon. We ventured out to dinner for the plague driven 20 questions on our health followed by passing that test to be seated. You have to wear a mask unless food is physically going into your mouth. It just didn’t seem worth it.

What has been the most surprising to me is how crowded it is EVERYWHERE! After the bizarre dinner, thought we could hit the farmers market for the first time this year the next day. It was PACKED, like the beaches the weekend before. I haven’t been too paranoid about all this, it even took me aback though and we briskly walked through, then out on the sidewalk on the other side where there were less people. Normally there are just a few people meandering around.

Then there’s the election…OMG is that going to be ugly. Our gaslighting president is lobbing a rigged election with future casting Biden’s America. The last election I chuckled at his 3rd grade tactics, yet he somehow pulled it off? Rigged? You bet.

I can’t say the Left is any better right now. The huge Nancy Pelosi salon-gate scandal, oopsie (& busted). On one hand, it’s hard to believe she did that? On the other, last year getting your hair cut indoors wasn’t a crime. Think about how weird that sounds in California.

Human nature is out of control.

Still, there are a few good things. Getting that test out of the way was good, I had been postponing that for years. My morning swim/walks have been crucial to my mental health. It’s been like a gap year to organize the remainder of my life and how I want to live it when this is all over.

Haven’t been posting blogs since I’ve mostly been home this past week and I didn’t intend for it to be the daily rant.

4 thoughts on “2020, Year of the Absurd

  1. Coming from a country with terrible political scandals, I too can sympathise with what’s going on in your end of the world. Here’s to controlling what we can and continuing to see the good in life!

  2. It is. Sometimes a gave myself a break & just stop reading or watching the news because it is absurd. Two kinds of people, the one who tries, the other defiant, either way, everyone will experience the outcome of the pandemic to our economy.

    1. That’s for sure! I limit my news too, it’s kept me sane. Even social media, check on it when I wake up & at night. I found that if I don’t comment or post on certain things they stop showing up on my feed altogether.

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