Red Skies!!

It’s hard to describe the morning here. Last night I cancelled swimming due to smoke, it’s been smokey for weeks and the air quality has sucked. The things that have saved me (and everyone else) during COVID is just being able to go outside. The other day it was 111 here, there would be no walking in that heat. Then some gender reveal party happened where they set off an uncontrollable fire.

We’re quite a few hundred miles away from it, yet it socked in here and today it just looks like another looming Stephen King event is about to take place. If I saw something like this in water, like a swirling eddie or black hole, I’d stay clear. Instead of, “Don’t go into the woodshed!” It’s, “Don’t leave the woodshed!”

My DIL txt’d me and asked if I’d ever seen anything like this?? I said “NO!!” I feel like I’ve been saying something similar all year long.

It’s still dark skies outside and it’s 2:30pm. It put the temp in the 70’s, the only good thing if we could go outside. Creepy!

There hasn’t been a lot to write about besides my musings about staying indoors all week from the smoke & the heat. I’ll post a few pics from today.


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