California Flee – ing

The air quality was so bad you can’t even go outside. It’s been that way off & on for almost a month with those lightening fires, now this apocalypse. By now everyone’s seen those blood red skies in San Francisco, I swear it looked like Pterodactyl were going to come down. In a normal year, this would be the biggest event that ever happened. Now it’s just another day in the life of 2020.

We packed up and headed to New Mexico to just BREATHE. There wasn’t a clearing of smoke until about Palm Springs in California traveling from Bay Area all the way down to SoCal. We made it to Phoenix that night. Most of Arizona was hazy with smoke too, it looked like Cairo. If you’ve never been, Cairo is a smog pit with the sounds of horns honking everywhere.

Downtown Phoenix

Still hazy here in New Mexico, you can at least go outside though and it’s surprisingly cooler than California before those fires. In regards to COVID it’s one of the safest states to be.

In an effort to figure out what the hell is going on with the world, inspired by our Phoenix pit stop, I googled the legend of the Phoenix. The mythical bird combusts itself every 500 or so years, then rises from the ashes. Supposedly it’s Egypt mythology, adopted by Christianity for the resurrection of Christ.

In this freakish year it seems as if a Phoenix has combusted in California and Oregon.

Aside from that it was just a really long drive. Something I’ve noticed for my first “trip” since March is how many people are actually traveling. Las Cruces isn’t a destination spot, it’s not so crowded here. We stopped in Bisbee to see my uncle and cousin, it was packed! The Harley brigade is out in full force everywhere with little regard to COVID or mask rules. I don’t get it? No offense to Harley riders, these looked like brand new Harleys – it’s the newbie crowd. Traveling fools, spreading the love. Oh! Now I get that saying!!

Riders spreading joy in Bisbee

This whole year has been heartbreaking. Driving through these states, seeing how the smoke and fires are affecting at least 1,000 miles East as well as both states is devastating.

My goal, while I’m here, is to get just a few things done at this house to help out my son. When I’m at my mom’s, it’s tech support. While I’m here it’s car/house maintenance. With all that’s happened I haven’t been here for almost a year now. He came home for Christmas, then we brought him home those first COVID months. Now this house has been our escape instead of the other way around.

Let’s just hope there really is a rising Phoenix and it’s not just the beginning of the end…geez!

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