Braved the Airports

There were a few txt’s letting me know the smoke is cleared in California. Las Cruces hasn’t been as odd as Manhattan Beach was in terms of COVID and crowds. There’s a hiking trail up to the top of a hill where NMSU has it’s “A” for Aggies painted on, those parking lots were full. Otherwise, besides people wearing masks, it was fine.

They have indoor dining, something I’m not used to yet. The space is limited inside the Starbucks for seating. I was hoping to spend my latte hour working on this songwriting class I’ve been taking but there was no place to sit. One guy came up behind me, breathing down my neck in line. I didn’t say anything, just thought kinda rude.

He sat down inside, whipped his mask off, then walked around the table a few times to where I was standing – twice while I waited for my drink. Still, I didn’t say anything. It was weird though, like he was daring people to say something to him? Flaunting it around kind of. We all ignored him, I got my drink and left. No Youtube breakdown today prick.

I brought my sewing machine out here and have been making masks, going on long walks, watching movies. One documentary on Netflix is a must see, “The Social Dilemma.” Whoa on explaining how social media is backfiring. Some of it is obvious, the total disintegration of humanity is interesting. Our moods are dependent on our “likes.” Well, it’s a good thing mine isn’t because I don’t get many likes on the internet on any platform. My boys are off of social media, my youngest doesn’t even have a smart phone anymore.

Some fabric I designed when my back went out last time.

He & I went to a few bookstores yesterday where I bought a Larry McMurtry book claiming the first “famous” people ever were Buffalo Bill & Annie Oakley. Interesting concept when people climb for internet fame. It was written in 2005, before all this FB madness. He wrote Lonesome Dove. When that book came out I bought it for my whole Arizona family, we were hooked. My son’s neighbor told me once, when we were in Truth or Consequences, that he would just go there and observe people for his books. I think about that when I notice people like that guy at Starbucks. How do I write that clearly?

This was my first commercial flight since March from El Paso to San Francisco through Phoenix. The first leg was a full flight but wasn’t bad. Phoenix was PACKED!! I’ve been to that airport countless times throughout my life and I have never seen it like that. Lots of people making a statement with masks down, I just steered clear. Luckily the flight itself there was a seat between us.

Then for the 1st Uber ride A.C.. That wasn’t bad either, his car smelled totally sterilized.

Now back to the isolation chamber just in case PHX airport was a petri dish. Usually I don’t talk to my seat mates, the girl next to me was nice and said LAX was worse than PHX. Was glad to get the heads up about that, I really don’t want my mom coming up and maneuvering LAX quite yet.

It’ll be awhile before I fly commercially again.

Until next time Las Cruces

3 thoughts on “Braved the Airports

  1. OMG, that’s the airport scene with the pandemic still uncontrolled? That is scary and frustration. Was outside traders joes yesterday. Most where wearing mask, then 3 young men past us without mask having this arrogant smile in their faces looking at those wearing masks. Until people really try to stop COVID-19 , most will suffer its consequences from health to economy. Stay safe.

    1. It’s pretty shocking, especially how many people are actually traveling more than ever it seems like? I’ve only gone to see immediate family, no pleasure travel at all since March. Thanks for the comment, you stay safe too!

      1. I probably would travel too for only for urgent family reasons but not for pleasure . It’s proven now that airborne infected droplets of COVID-19 are being transmitted in planes and airports. Stay safe.

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