The ups & downs this week have been manic, guess I’ll start off with the good news. When I went to the plane for my 2 year review, there were a bunch of cars in the lot of the FBO I check in at. One of the ramp guys came up to us to say Sully was in the house!! He was making a commercial in our hangar, closed set.

We missed him in the group that walked across right in front of us, by the time we found out what all the cars and people were about it was too late. Then on my pre-flight, my fellow partner in the plane forgot to load up on oil…an excuse! I had to go in our lock box in the hangar to grab a few quarts, thinking even Sully would understand that need 🙂

My friend/CFI took these:

So cool!! Didn’t know what it was for and we were trying to be quiet as we left with the oil, but of course the door made a super loud noise and even worse when we started the plane. An airport isn’t the quietest of sets. One of the partners txt’d me the message this morning, which makes me like Sully even more:

I’ve been so trying to keep my mouth shut about politics on social media, but this says it all for me. I was thrilled to be there to see a true hero, now I’m even more proud as an American that conservatives want Trump out.

I see Trump as someone who has a trail of bankruptcies including bankrupting the small businesses he doesn’t pay, he sues them. He steals from the poor to give to himself and grabs a little pussy along the way. I’m certainly not anti-Republican, not happy with Newsome either. How anyone can look at Trump and think hero or leader?? I’m afraid for this election, we are dealing with a true sociopath who seems like nothing more than an idiot with only a few phrases (Strong women are nasty, people are losers or suckers). The suckers are the people who follow him, he’ll take ya’ down without remorse. Yet he’s STILL PRESIDENT, meaning still a threat to democracy.

This weekend should have been my 40th HS revenge reunion, instead I fly down for a memorial at the beach. My friend was a pilot too, just seeing if I’m flying or driving pending fog.

I still have hope for the U.S. and for 2021. I like that story of the Phoenix crashing and combusting then rising from the ashes. Let’s hope there’s some truth to that as California keeps on burning and U.S. gets Trump out of office ASAP.

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