By “Hope” I didn’t expect Hope Hicks

Just as I was shutting my eyes, news of Hope Hicks being positive with symptoms of COVID broke. Then the following positive results of Trump & Melania.

Since my last blog, a friend died of COVID. I’ve only known a few people test positive, somewhat distant to me. The one woman that txt’d me on the 4th of July I think was lying. The reason being is she never mentioned anything about it after telling me and then getting pissed at me.

This couple in my piano group tested positive a few weeks ago. Last Tuesday, on our zoom meeting, she told us they were notified by contact tracing or they would have never known. She said they were asymptomatic, just going to sit it out and it was no big deal. Tuesday we got an email that her husband died on Monday. I had repeated what she said to my friends, then immediately called or txt’d people to say he had passed away. He had asthma and went to the hospital Monday because of the smoke here, was gone a few hours later from COVID. He was around 65.

This news of Trump being positive (If it’s true, which it probably is since he’s had an arrogant position on it all along) is not good for him. My friend Jack felt fine until Monday, almost at the end of their quarantine.

What a bizarre twist? Somewhat anticipated on how he’s been acting about it this whole time. One thing I’ve learned as I age is my body’s limits and a healthy fear of mother nature. I do some dangerous stuff, always quick for a no-go if necessary. Like today I’m driving instead of flying out of this smoke. It has been 2 months of smoke and ashes every day, so unhealthy even a healthy person shouldn’t leave their house today.

That’s not Trump, he’s immune to things like a pandemic just by the very nature of his arrogance. While the rest of us have masked up and tried to be considerate, he’s held his indoor rallies.

Could he be taken down by his hot, 20-something unqualified assistant?

It’s been a crazy year, I feel like death has been following me since that palapas fire in March then a series of deaths since then. When I found out about Jack, I had gotten a phone call the night before from a friend whose husband had died of a heart attack. While I was working on Photoshopping a picture of him for the memorial card, I got more bad news.

This is just to show my state of mind in all this and the real possibility that Trump could be in more trouble than he thinks he is. Death doesn’t care who you are.

Sorry to be so morbid, that’s been my year and if I haven’t been swimming this out and writing I would have been hiding under the covers crying all year.

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