Late Night thoughts about this insanity…

Today was another friends memorial, I’ve lost so many friends this year it’s sometimes feels like a life war zone. I can’t tell if it’s just my age that peers are dropping?? It’s just been tough.

But I just can’t stop thinking about Trump and COVID. Here’s what I really don’t get AT ALL – The people hired normally to surround the president are those who would literally take a bullet for him. They are supposed to be people whose main concern is for his health and safety, above all else. Even if he’s blatantly disregarded COVID, they are supposed to make sure he’s NEVER exposed despite himself.

He fired all the qualified people who would have made sure this didn’t happen. Instead, they knew he was exposed and told him to forge on. Similar to him having AIDS and a thumbs up to the orgy.

The other worrisome news is OUR PRESIDENT should not be the on guinea pig drugs.

I’m not a Dr., or a politician, or anyone remotely affiliated with anything. I’m just little old me, who has seen a lot of death this past year and listened to my friend say they were asymptomatic last week when her husband then died on Monday suddenly of COVID (pre-existing conditions).

This does not look good…

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