October Dreams

The best month to propel us to a dark Winter. Alright, California isn’t a bad place to live for Winter, but still.

Last weekend was odd, instead of the Hometown Fair it was a beach memorial for a good friend. This weekend would be Fleet Week in San Francisco, next weekend Stair Climb in Bisbee that I signed up for and started training at the beginning of quarantine to have something to look forward to.

Just going to eek through this election and hide under the covers for the fallout.

Trying to stay positive is really hard sometimes, not watching much news helps. Here’s the other thing that helps, my piano. Elton John is not only hard to play, singing for me at the same time is pushing my limits. At the end you can see I completely fall apart and freeze which is my average piano sesh.

The online songwriting class was a flop for me, I only know how to read music and don’t know theory at all. In that regard, it was good because it pushed me to just do chords and the basics like CEG and saying the name of the keys I’m playing. It’s been so long since I’ve applied the actual letters to a note, it’s just not the way my brain thinks with music. Without the sheet music my mind goes blank.

The instructor tried and tried to get me to just play chords in the key of C and I was banging my head against the (brick) wall with it. Everything else I do in life is do it, then last thing is read the instruction manual. Music is different since I learned how to read it so young. Time to dig into an adult theory book to learn Circle of 5ths and things I never learned. When he’d say, “Go to A minor” I had no idea what he was even talking about.

I made it a lot harder than it needed to be and was kind of miserable. Never got to write an actual song because I was stuck with keys and chords.

When I was with my childhood friends at the memorial, bitching about missing my 40th reunion and saying how I wanted to make a grand entrance because I was least likely to succeed, they said that’s not how people saw me. They said they used to play all the records in my room, that I really got them into music that was cutting edge at the time.

About 10 years ago I started playing again with no aspirations of anyone hearing me. With sports and music, I quit when I knew I couldn’t make the A teams. It didn’t really occur to me you do that stuff for fun. People are so talented, especially where I’m from in L.A. Not only that but talented people moved there to become famous.

So now I just plunk along for fun. My goal lately is to be able to play Elton John and sing at the same time.

This was a report card for 1st grade and is probably me now. The bar was low (and I was 5, the youngest in my class). Looking at this now all I have to say for myself is YAY FOR DREAMERS!!!

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