Back is a little better

Just got back from the pool, where instead of breaking my previous swim records I walked across talking to a woman who was swimming with a noodle. It was nice to get the gravity off of my back and just chat with someone…and GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!

Yesterday was a few slow walks to the mail box. Thank God for Door Dash (The new Meals on Wheels?). My son and his W have been coming over too, she made me dinner last night.

Still going to take it slow, one of my episodes a few years ago I thought I caught it in time too, only to reach for a tee shirt and drop to the ground becoming completely immobile for a week with a month to recover. Besides my back stuff, I’m very healthy. Thoughts of never being able to move again and living to be 100 popped up in my head.

As I lay here, been (poorly) doing animation in Photoshop. The cloud subscription has Photoshop/Lightroom and supposedly 7 day trials of their apps. I tried to do the Animate 7 day trial, it just kept coming up saying it already expired. With so much free time, talked to customer service to see what the deal was and they said I had used one trial. You only get one because of other customers abusing it. That’s so frustrating!!

Just figured it out in Photoshop instead. Safe to say animation is not my forte, gave me something to do the last few days besides stare at the ceiling fan or watch the news.

If it wasn’t clear in my blog previously that I’m a complete dork, this will clear that all up. I have no shame.

Enjoy, or not 🙂

A sad attempt at animation, don’t forget to turn up the volume!

I should add this too, it occurred to me this is now a very old theme song to Gilligan’s Island that people might not know where the song is from:

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