Finally, a Trip!

I wrote this right before the pandemic:

It’s a 3 hour drive from my house to Mendocino. Places are opening up with masks and heavy duty hand sanitizers that leave you with dry, cracked hands by the end of a shopping trip. It’s crowded too!! Downtown Mendocino is a cute, half day type of trip. The coastline is spectacular. It’s the first Covid trip besides seeing immediate family, the first trip in my Kona electric.

I had to call the hotel I was staying at to see if there would be a charger here. There’s one charger and 2 Tesla chargers at Little River Inn. There are 2 chargers at the state park that’s walking distance too.

Not sure if I’ll travel much the rest of the year? Surprisingly, even with masks and every precaution, the people upstairs seemed to be having a super spreader event complete with a hacker coughing away. Then of all things, this woman had locked herself out of her room and had to walk through mine to get back to the front desk for another key.

Every time I feel I’m in a safe spot something like this happens. It wasn’t a big deal though, it’s not like it didn’t take 2 seconds to walk through my room.

I got some night shots this time… I meant to get silhouettes of this couple who was at a distance from me with the fire. Not sure if they even knew I was there or had a camera? Got these SURPRISE shots!! Not too graphic so I’ll post, but I’m sure you all get the point here 🙂

Besides people tailgating you like crazy on those windy roads it’s a nice drive back. Plan A was to fly there and be stuck without a car. The wind forecast was 40mph, the actual was 5mph. Still, it was foggy this morning when I left and I wouldn’t have been able to get out today anyway.

Back’s all better 🙂

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