October 2020 Wrap up

It wasn’t quite the October from previous years, where I’m going from city to city for giant parties. In March when everything shut down, quickly I started planning October and pre-paying to have something to look forward to in our supposed 2 week shut down.

Weekend 1 – Hometown Fair and my 40th HS reunion
Weekend 2 – Fleet Week in San Francisco
Weekend 3 – Bisbee Stair Climb
Weekend 4 – My birthday (I’m not going to complain about this one, everyones birthday was cancelled this year and nearing 60 is no cause for celebration).

Somehow I managed to keep busy regardless, it’s wearing thin though. The other day I finally just fell apart having stuffed most of the year. That’s me though, I wait until a crisis is over before I get to have my nervous break down. Not like it’s over, the election is next week and COVID cases are up.

It’s like my cool watch though, I accidentally wore it to sleep a few weeks ago and my oxygen levels dropped to dangerous. Didn’t think much about it, but kept wearing it and it’s consistent. I can’t get a sleep test until December, but I’ve never really had a health crisis (besides my back) so I’m a little freaked. I was fine before I wore the watch to bed? Same as not watching the news, I’m fine until I watch the news.

It makes sense though, it’s probably sleep apnea. I’ve always had nightmares and wake up gasping or trying to scream. Last night was very odd, Uber nightmares?? Haha. My group of friends weren’t all together for the Uber driver, I couldn’t round them up, so we’d lose the driver and I kept getting billed. No idea what that would mean? Not a bad nightmare, just weird.

Sleep apnea is something I’d never even consider, given I swim and am not overweight. It’s gotta be genetic? I’ve been tested for thyroid for years and it’s always normal. I’ve been telling my Dr. for 30 years I’m always tired. Finally wrote it off to having kids and waking up at 4:30a for 10 years for work.

Just rambling, better make some November goals to get me through…

In the meantime, this little clip I decided to sing to is how I feel 🙂 Been practicing piano and singing in case I ever finish that song writing class I started and failed at. This is just lying with a blankie singing to “Stop Making Sense.” Thanksgiving might be in my PJ’s singing to “Sound of Music.”

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