I’ve upgraded

To 5.8 since another birthday rolled around. Despite COVID and the elections, it was a great bday weekend with clear skies and nice outdoor dining weather. I flew to Monterey for lunch, it almost seemed like 2019 again?

Then the Honey Boo Boo elections struck this week with HBB type tantrums to follow. It’s not over as of today, but I’m still on my strict news diet with an hour of stress per day before I watch Seinfeld reruns for my mental health. There’s only so much tally speculation you can watch without going insane.

The IFR (Instrument) training has helped a ton! The flight to Monterey was easy into Class C. Last time I screwed up the radios getting out and was busted by a friend who heard me. This time I got my Class C clearance, switched to ground then tower, and only got busted by saying “O” instead of zero.

Today was super windy to do more IFR training. It’s looking like the great weather window is finally coming to a close.

Going to work on some stuff on this site since I have so many posts now and none of them organized. I’ll put my moon shot on here from my birthday harvest moon. I was so proud of myself for finally getting a decent shot! I sent a friend the shot who is into night photography. He sent me his WAY better shot, with some complicated tips on getting said shot. There’s a reason I’m amateur at almost everything, his way seemed way too complicated for my point and shoot brain.

There’s one telescope that you can put a DSLR camera I might be able to figure out. Lately I sit in the yard and look at the stars trying to figure out the mysteries of the universe.

Harvest Moon Halloween 2020

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