The Election is Over!!

Biden/Harris won!!! We still need to deal with the Trump sized tantrum to follow, along with the lawsuits he’s threatened. Even Fox News seems to have accepted the results. Of course, Trumpers are crying fraud and I have to wonder if that’s what got him there in the first place? Bullying people at the polls, his call out to the proud boys. With COVID and mail in, you deal with none of that.

Maybe David Duke will retire and he can become Grand Wizard??

What a turning point in U.S. history that was looking like we were going to follow the lead of other fallen democracies. As my uncle told me from the beginning, “It’s not the 2nd term I’m worried about, it’s the 3rd.” I’ve travelled all over, and while I respect the countries I’m in at the time it makes me that much more grateful to live in the U.S.. That, and I read a lot of U.S. history (I’m guessing more than Trump or his followers). There’s some gruesome family history during the revolutionary war I read about a generations ago grandfather that’s pretty shameful.

When Kamala did her speech last night, I had an unexpected outburst of tears…Joy, relief, and finally a WOMAN. I was a tomboy, I grew up thinking anything was possible for a woman in Los Angeles not knowing my age actually put me at the cusp. It was beginning to happen, wasn’t quite there yet.

My mom was a teacher for 30 years, before that she was a stewardess. At that time you had to quit if you got married or turned a certain age. Betty Friedan changed that, she was the leader of feminism. Feminism has taken a hard line approach, the beginning was meant to be more of a statement to the world that it’s a myth to think women are happy being homemakers, they want more out of life than that.

I made my choices, I’m lucky that my health (and brain) have held up so I could raise the boys and have some life in me to spare to do what I like to do. I was least likely to follow that path, in a way it was forced due to the cost of child care. I could work my ass off just to pay for child care, or I could stay home while my H’s career and business took off. We did the math, and I stayed home.

Whatever happens from here, the results are in and Trump can re-count all he wants. His dad can’t buy a bunch of poker chips to get him out of this one. The fact a woman can be VP and not dream of being the First Lady, she can dream of being the President!!

Mostly, we can wear red/white & blue, put our flags out without making a MAGA statement.

It’s almost over…a few more months and they’re goners…God Bless America!!!!

2 thoughts on “The Election is Over!!

  1. I thought it was so fitting that he found out he officially had lost whilst at the golf course.
    Looks like he’s going to have to pay for his own golfing trips come January.

    1. Most likely taking another mulligan for a birdie 🙂 I had two neighbors work for him @ the Palos Verdes course before all of this. One was a superintendent & went with him to help out with the Scotland course. Trump hired an “assistant” for him who then started taking over. It wasn’t an assistant, he made him train his own replacement & I’ve had no respect for Trump ever since.

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