Getting Through 2020

There’s a few glimmer of hope peepholes for 2021, this promising vaccine for one. The other pending glimmer is a new president, which Trump is fighting tooth & nail against. Guilliani should have just stayed a 9/11 hero, he’s now the frontman for the most absurd election in U.S. History. I shouldn’t say that, it wasn’t the election, that’s pretty clear cut with 5 MILLION more votes. You can never underestimate these guys though, he’s still in office.

On a personal level, they’ve pulled back again here in the Bay Area. We never really opened though, the restaurants just opened indoors a few weeks ago and now closed again. We’re all so over it.

We brought our youngest son home right before they closed New Mexico to tighter restrictions. We cancelled the holidays besides immediate family (our boys). A few more months of this BS and maybe we can live our lives again? Who knows? Expect the best, prepare for the worst.

I’ve been writing every day still, it’s just so depressing I don’t post them.

I’m determined to come out of this with some kind of accomplishment, still studying for my instrument rating for flying. The best thing I’m doing when things get really dark is getting up for a walk or a swim every day. There have been a few PJ days, not as many as some people I’m sure.

The good thing about my age is I’m not homeschooling. It’s still hard though, especially with my son home. It seems when ever the boys move back home with nothing to do my job is the motivator. I have to get them up in the morning, make sure they get out and do things instead of lay in bed all day (eating crap they sneak in I might add). On my own I’ve always stayed pretty motivated.

On top of that I’m getting phone calls from friends I’m talking off of ledges. I completely blocked that drunk woman – way overdue! She apologized the next day via txt and I said I was tired of her BS and her accusations then said she was totally out of line. I’ve never blocked anyone, she’s been blocked by a ton of people who figured her out before I did. All that while I was being a photoshop mortician for my friends funeral (that I didn’t go to, it was just way too risky for my mom).

But I’m OK?? When this is all over I’m sure I’ll have a nice little breakdown in Hawaii or something.

3 thoughts on “Getting Through 2020

  1. It has been a depressing, challenging and scary year. So many unknowns we can’t control. I am grateful however that no one at work or home has gotten sick of COViD. The mask and social distancing does works. Went through severe anxiety and depression myself , not really from covid but from people. I’m trying to change how I react for things I can’t change because it not worth losing myself or get sick. Take care always . Thanks for sharing your world.

    1. I’m sorry to hear that 🙁 This has been an insane year with the rug ripped out at all times, & yeah, people’s behavior hasn’t helped much.
      Just gotta avoid the crazy people to stay sane. I have yet to go into a crowded store, a Trader Joes or Costco, or even Target anymore (one time, it was packed on usually a slow time of day). Staying away from stressful situations is saving me right now. That, and I’m not homeschooling or I would be singing a different tune on here.

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