Stay Home Order, California

Here we go again…

I’ve been such a Debbie Downer lately, hard to snap out of with this. I better pull it together or the next 5 weeks (that turned into months last time) are going to suck.

Lucky I got to go on a mini-trip to Tahoe to gear up, a little, for this. My check ride isn’t until mid-Jan, that should keep me busy studying for it. Part of my sanity has been walking downtown a few miles to lunch/latte…gone. Picked up lunch on the way to my monthly COVID test yesterday and just ate it in my car. Back to dirty looks or criminal behavior if you sit at an outdoor table to eat.

The good news is the pool at the gym is outdoors or that might just be the end of me. I’ve been ready to dig a hole in the lot for a pool. I had someone come by for an estimate, the Walnut Creek discount was $140k 🙁 Granted, its was for a lap pool with a cover and an app to change all the settings. I’d also like a disco ball while I swim 🙂 Haha.

The last time I got an estimate was $7k to paint our kitchen. I got so tired of these insane estimates I went & bought a can of paint and brushes and did it myself for a few hundred. It took me all last summer.

That morning swim gets me out of the house at least…

As soon as I’m done with the IFR training I’m getting a captain’s license. I already got the courses/ test to power me through 2021. One thing about me, I’m a finisher. It takes me awhile, mostly because I’m older now, but I get it done. My hand/eye is still really good, and not just for my age.

I’ll stay busy, I just feel horrible for all the homeschoolers and businesses right now! Also hoping this vaccine is the miracle we’ve been waiting for so we can all LIVE again.

A friend of mine took this pic of me when I took her out sailing. I posterized it in Photoshop when I was bored (stalling on studying) yesterday. This was last year, when I was “Heller.” I’ve felt kind of selfish this last few years going on all these trips and really living life. Now I’m so glad I did! This was sails set, putting the prop in reverse after shutting down the engine, one of my happiest places.

I’ll try to use this time to gear up for when we can have friends and travel again. My house is feeling like a prison, I’ve never been one to be a homebody.

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