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If it weren’t for this pending check ride it might just be the end of me. You’d think Christmas would keep me busy but I’m not on top of it. I won’t go into stores and the things I ordered on-line are delayed until the end of January. We might just have a dinner here with a few small gifts?

Otherwise, I flew 3 days last week. Once to Half Moon Bay, then Auburn and went along for the ride to Clear Lake to pick up a club plane but the weather minimums dropped and we turned around. It was a good experience with a definite no go after Napa. The 2 pilots were joking around the whole time, I was just laughing in the back.

First the one pulled up as a solo driver with a mask on, not like him at all, and I was cracking up. Then the other pilot said he had to get another mask. I mentioned there was one hanging in the back of his car and he said he likes to double up. OK, I get that. He comes back and we hop in the plane, me in the back. When he takes his seat he turns around and says he’s doubling up because he just tested positive. Jokesters.

It was nice to just enjoy the view for once, something I can’t really do when I’m training with the foggles. I had to cheat a few times to Half Moon Bay, it was just WAY too nice out! The famed Mavericks surf contest was going on and I was a little worried about drones by the airport since it’s right off the airport there. Either we missed it or just weren’t looking far enough out to find it.

On the Auburn trip my CFI only cut into the radio once for me, otherwise I got the clearances and the approach without help. The flying part is getting automatic for me finally, it’s the oral part that I’ve spent the past few days really studying for. It’s SO MUCH INFO!! Think of a DMV test exponentially. Do you check the ELT every 12 or 24 months? How long before you have to file a change of address? Just random stuff that is an easy look up that you have to know.

Auburn for the last of outdoor dining

As for this blog, not sure how much longer I’m going to continue? It’s been a few years and it never really took off. I printed last years on Blog2print for my kids, I’m going to do the same with this years since it’s been a wild one! Thought it would be good to chronicle for future grandkids.

My biggest cheerleaders died this year, Jeff & PJ. PJ’s sister just sent me a card of the photo I touched up for her, it turned out great. I’ve had some great male friends, my GF’s have never read my blog or supported me in much. Although my one GF LOVED my little animation of my back going out.

PJ & Hula Girl in Tahoe before he moved back to our hometown. One of the pics I touched up for his sister.

This has certainly been a weeding out of friends year, who’s in and who’s out. Had to x out the one woman who invited herself and daughters everywhere with me, tested positive, then was mad at me for my reaction (Oh, and I paid for everything too. I’m always surprised when people let me know how rich and famous they are yet I always get the bill?). I was quarantined for my last dinner to Jeff because of that, I had to door dash it to him and never saw him again 🙁 He died a few days later. Then drunk woman with PJ – I completely blocked after she somehow made it all about her. I look at the picture of him on the card and think of him thanking me for the heads up to her drama weeks before he passed away…Buffering between this crazy woman and his long time GF so there was no drama at the funeral. Took one for the team on that one!!

PS PJ, I know it was you who wrote “stoner” on my locker in HS 🙂 Only guy to get in a fight over me.

I hate to be so depressing all the time, it’s just been a long year. Have barely had time to grieve before someone makes it about them and I have to switch gears and console them. The people closest to them know I helped out all I could and that’s all that matters.

So 2021 is going to be all about making new friends, friends that like to do the same things I do and sometimes make it about ME. I will miss my biggest cheerleaders 🙁

Last nights sunset on the Bay

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