These IFR Arc’s are HARD!!

It’s also hard to explain in writing, my check ride is pending in mid-Jan & I totally bombed yesterday these stupid arc’s. It’s a matter of turning 2 dials, knowing when to reverse one of them and heading to said reverse course until it’s time. Then switching off the GPS to the localizer (which I forgot to do too).

In my defense, it was late afternoon and I got no sleep the night before. My CFI got back from Tahoe late, I was toast before he even got there. They had us sit in the run up for about 15 min. before we took off and lastly, the sun was glaring even with sunglasses, mask, a shade, and a towel over the shade. I kept altitude and that was about it. I totally did not get how and when to reverse and/or switch everything. Mostly because I wasn’t expecting to do an arc at all and wasn’t prepared.

I could tell he was even frustrated with me…if it was any other CFI I would have gotten “the talk.” Haha. I’ve found CFI’s don’t have a lot of patience with errors or not great flights. The big thing is that I never lost altitude and my landings are butter. I never gave up either, until I realized I really didn’t get it.

I’ve done arcs before, but they were published arcs so I had a guide for how to do it. There’s one in Watsonville and one in Chico I’ve practiced with my SIM and in the plane. My weaknesses are not knowing when to reverse the OBS (or even know why it needs to be reversed at all?) and swapping out the GPS for the VLOC. The training is in line for 1945. How they were able to fly IFR consistently with the 50/50 chance of screwing up these reversals?? Then they had to remember the landing gear too 🙂 I don’t have to worry about that (for now).

If I get through this, I should be able to get a commercial no problem.

There’s a flying acronym, I’M SAFE

I- illness
M- medication
S- stress
A- alcohol
F- fatigue
E- emotions

Experiencing half of that before I even went up. Like sports, it’s a great distractor from what’s going on in “real” life. I wouldn’t have flown solo yesterday, I was really tired.

It’s hard to find a solo place to study too…I did all my private pilot studying at libraries, coffee shops, the airport pilots lounge. With everything closed I’m having a hard time finding that place to myself. Still, better than vying for an ICU bed huh? This is helping me just be mad at myself and forget about what’s really going on. Study denial.

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