Uh oh

Woke up in the middle of the night with stomach cramps and dizzy, super nauseous. I never barfed, it was an hour of freaking out before I slept until 8:30a – not like me 🙁

I had a negative result a few weeks ago, but I’m still swimming and around my 22 yr old flight instructor who is flying with others too. We wear masks, I know for a fact the other plane partner does not. The other thing is the gym pool and people possibly peeing in it? Not to blame anyone, anything you do right now outside of your house is a potential risk.

Our house is set up so I can hang upstairs until tested or results come in, say goodbye to Christmas 🙁 The last time I had to fully quarantine do to possible exposure I had the house to myself, now I’m just upstairs prisoner.

I wish last night was just a dream and I woke up fine, ready to do another practice check ride. I feel better than last night, still not great though.

Have a rapid test at 2p, it takes about an hour. I’d rather do this for a trip to Hawaii, except people are hopping on planes sick anyway & it looks like one guy died on his flight from Florida. That happened with SARS too, people would hold their breathe getting on the flight and would hack away once we took off. Even my one short flight from El Paso there was a guy hacking away. Haven’t been on a commercial flight since.

It could be food poisoning too? I did have an ahi salad seared rare yesterday. Oh, and a tad bit stressed out.

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