Final Stretch of 2020

If someone would have said this back & forth shut down would last all the way until now I never would have made it. Sounds like this vaccine won’t hit the general public for quite a few months, putting me almost last in line.

Christmas was good though, despite some zoom glitches. A few days before I set my mom up for about an hour. She said, “Do I take the tape off the camera I put on?” That was after about 50 min of trouble shooting. Ummm, yeah. Our family Xmas zoom didn’t go much different than that, we finally got a clue when she said, “I see a bunch of boats and it says ‘verify’?” My niece, who speaks grandma, guided her through. Really, shouldn’t that have been the press of a link button?

It worked, we had a good Christmas. Our house was grown kids and dogs, the dogs had a really good day too.

I got some really nice notes/calls this week from some friends & one total stranger. Was feeling old & beaten down, one of my friends said she totally admires me for doing all this stuff. Another said since he’s known me I’ve always been on to the next rating/test/practical and that I’m always studying. The stranger found me on one of the Master Class threads and sent me a note saying my pics are amazing. I gotta say, I kinda needed the ego boost. I’m used to showing people stuff and being one upped.

Writing and photography is hard to keep up with, people are SO TALENTED!! I get these recommendations on my Instagram of pics to looks at, putting my pics into the 70’s. Besides having a few things published, my writing has never taken off. The only time I’ve made some substantial money in photography was doing the Bay Area Bike Share sites with a huge selfie stick I made at Ace Hardware from a painters pole. I looked like an idiot walking in front of the Adobe building in San Jose….but damned if I wasn’t making $1,000 a day 🙂

I put pics on hold pretty much this year while I’ve been getting this IFR rating. Today is a mock check ride. Once I’m through this the camera will come back out!

One thing 2020 has taught me is about friends, who’s in & who’s out. That has more to do with some good friends dying than anything else, 4 in a row of my peers. I’m still wading through that:( I REALLY missed my phone call from Jeff yesterday wishing us all a Merry Christmas. I will miss him the most, he always brought the party to us. Of course, I reciprocated, I would have done anything for him too.

Maybe that’s the answer? If you’re the one always bringing the party it’s time to move on? I can’t tell you how many people make stuff about them with no regard to what you’re going through at the time. Drunk woman, the woman who was mad at me for my reaction when her family tested positive after inviting themselves (& having me pay for everything).

Nice to end the year with some compliments instead of me bringing the party & the compliments. Looking forward to this vaccine, making new friends that like to do what I like to do, and going dancing or to a karaoke bar 🙂

Get this check ride out of the way!

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