Mock Check IFR

Nailed it! Oh thank God!! I get these set backs where I suck big time and am ready to give up. Then I dust myself off and study, study, study to get it. I was NOT getting reverse sensing, I thought it had to do with the to/from radial and not the heading. It’s REALLY confusing when it comes to those arcs, your heading is actually perpendicular to the needle.

In layman’s terms, watch out for that mountain!

It was actual IFR condition and when we first headed through the clouds it was bumpy and I thought, “What am I doing?” There’s a moment of fear, then I think I could be home watching the news and I need this challenge. Got through the first hold and ILS approach/missed at Stockton. From there it was kind of a blur because the airports are so close to each other.

It was the waypoint then approach to Rio Vista, spot on. Missed approach, headed to the hold where we went for that damn arc again. After the missed from Stockton he did ask me how I felt for Rio Vista (Like if I was going to F it up again it wasn’t worth doing). I wouldn’t say I felt confident, but I decided it was now or never for a mock check.

He explained the arc settings a little clearer, I totally get it now. The chances of me flying an arc once I get this rating are slim. Still, if there’s ever a time I won’t hit that hillside! Also, if my GPS ever goes out I’m ready with the VOR’s. I actually like that ILS glide slopes better than the little dots on the GPS. Nothing’s cooler than popping out of the clouds or fog to see that runway right in front of you! It’s similar to surfing.

The arc starts below “Canyon” 8 miles from Concord VOR. It ends at the 350 radial outbound @ the “a.” Looks easy huh? Well not if you don’t know how to tell which way the instruments are supposed to be dialed to. GPS I’d follow the line.

I’m grateful for a lifetime of sports to get me through this, last time I lost the game miserably 🙁 Practiced a bunch then at least brought my B game.

When I rowed I would visualize. It would be 20 min races and you really had to pace yourself mentally and physically or you do a “churn and burn,” rendering myself useless. I’d sit in the chair in the living room for 20 min and visualize the race. Then when I was in the race, I’d visualize being in the chair. Our coxswains mic went out one race and I kept hearing him say “4 seat” so I kept bringing it on. When we got in, I found out he was saying, “We’re at the other boat’s 4 seat.” Oops, we won by 2 boat lengths. Gold baby.

Still have to tune up the oral portion of it and a few slight adjustments. After that, I have all my hours in for a commercial license if I want and I’m very good at maneuvers for that check ride.

Get through this first, then on to the next goal.

This jet would take me to Hawaii!!

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