Throwing in the Towel

Ugh Ugh Ugh

Today was a stage check for my Instrument training. I was scheduled for Jan. 10th, my mom’s birthday week. Lately I spend the week with her for her birthday, this year was going to be no different. Power through the next 10 days and then head down after I “passed.”

My friend, who’s also a CFI, went up with me to see if I was ready. It actually went well, there were a few things I messed up on, but overall I thought I could work on my weaknesses in the next few weeks and I’m 85%-90% ready. That’s not what he told my CFI, I got the bad news in a txt.

The new plan is to keep going for another month or so and then he’ll do another stage check when I’m totally ready. Here’s my problem, my childhood friend called me this morning to say my mom had a total memory loss this morning. On the way to the airport, I called her and she said she’s fine now but had a weird episode this morning.

There’s another pending event I’m excited about that I was asked not to blog about. For this I would have had to be finished by January too, it’s going to take me out for a few months.

I don’t have much of a choice here…

The ironic part is the other plane partner got his IFR rating and I’m actually a better/safer pilot than he is. The other thing is the stuff I’m messing up on is completely obsolete, but you’re still tested on it and have to know it inside and out. I love the flying, I love nailing it when I do it, I absolutely hate getting ready for this check ride. It’s so Catch 22, that was the same with the pilots license. I’m convinced that book was based on someone getting their license and how the FAA runs these tests.

I don’t drink, I work out (swim) all the time, my hand eye is still really good, I’m super safe, yet I’m not quite ready for this test 🙁

Of course, I was in tears all night after I got that txt. I’m just under a lot of stress right now, so maybe it’s a good thing? Oh, and there’s a worldwide pandemic with a new SUPER strain with ONE person so now we get to worry about that.

I’m not mad, I don’t feel like this has been wasted money or training, it’s just that I don’t think I can cut it. Obviously neither of them think I can either 🙁

2 thoughts on “Throwing in the Towel

    1. It’s the timing 🙁 Was prepared to give it my all for the next few weeks, can’t do Feb at all for a few months. I’m on mom/daughter duty mid January on. This was mainly for fog to get to my mom in an emergency (6 hour drive). I have no desire to fly in bad weather!!
      I’ll prob finish after I get my mom & son situated. Thanks for the support!!

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