Happy New Year!!

At least there’s light at the end of the tunnel with the vaccines, I know 2 first responders who have already gotten their 1st dose. That’s promising, it was months before I knew anyone who actually got COVID.

Usually I’m by the water somewhere writing out my NY goals, a little reluctant to do that. One of the things I did in March was sign up and pay for some events in October to have something to look forward to when everything shut down, of course all was cancelled. I looked at my blog from last year, I was in Monterey going on at least 3 mile runs to take up running again. I had flown down and couldn’t get out because of weather…bummer 🙂

My last post was about was being super discouraged about this instrument training (IFR). The next day I flew in actual to Modesto, got vectored for about 15 min in the clouds and bumped about to come in for a stellar landing in 25 knot gusts. I did it, stayed calm and scanned the instruments, never lost altitude. My friend flies Bonanzas out of there for a winery family.

Then I got a txt last night from my CFI saying we could schedule check ride for next weekend if I would commit to something like 20-30 hours of flying and ground this week. Doing the math, it would be a $5,000 week!! If I need that much work, I don’t want to cram it into a stressful week. Honestly, this has been miserable lately 🙁

Don’t get me wrong, the training has saved me from reality of COVID and the world events. Got some personal stress going on too, enough that some of my training days otherwise would have been “no go” personal minimum days.

In normal terms, I come home so discouraged and exhausted I cry almost every night. This is supposed to be FUN. I never would have made it in the military 🙂 Not that I’m against hard work, just that combined with the math I’m thinking, “What am I doing?”

For $5,000 I could fly my mom up in a private jet in an emergency…ya’ know? The point was to be able to cut through fog in an emergency.

I have nothing to prove here, that’s the good news…

What I’d really like to do is apply that to flying to Bisbee for the stair climb next October and to New Mexico to see my son a few times. Those trips have been goals, I’ve only done it once with an instructor. I’d also like to fly to Seattle to see my friend and her baby on one of the San Juan islands. This has given me the confidence to do those flights. Bumping around in the clouds the other day was not so fun.

When I first bought into this plane I had to interview with this seasoned instructor. One thing he said to me is it’s good to get the training even if I never get the rating, just in case I get stuck in clouds one day I’ll know what to do.

What kind of shocks me is how much more time I need to put into this? Sometimes I wonder if I were a man would the situation be the same too? Or if I were a totally broke student trying to become an airline pilot. If I said the wrong thing with confidence, instead of the right thing as a question.

For now, I’m just going to enjoy the rainy day.

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!

  1. I know because of the current times it might be difficult to find a flying buddy, but if you can you could practice with them instead of doing all the flying with an instructor.

    1. That would help a ton, I’ve done ALL my hours with an instructor because of COVID. The guy who did the stage check never charges me and is a friend. Well, they’re both friends, the 22 yr old got a call back to the airlines in Feb. He was sent home last March the first week, so I kind of did this to help him out too.

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