I’ll Stop Whining

There’s a lot worse things happening right now with COVID and the economy.

Just hard to hide my disappointment, mostly in myself. Was hoping to come out of 2020 with some kind of accomplishment? That might just be that I can cut & dye my own hair. Besides, THERE’S NO PLACE TO GO!!

Put things in perspective a little bit, I’m too old to get a job flying anyway. There’s a woman I met taking my written test who was getting her IFR too. The school she’s been going to keeps getting shut down from COVID outbreaks. The poor kids getting their license now for a pilot shortage before all this went down. It’s so expensive, now no jobs with all the layoffs.

I should just be glad I got my license, as much as it looks like there are a lot of women pilots in magazines it’s still 6%. That’s up from 4% when I got my license. I’m used to being the only girl/woman. They hauled my butt out of home economics in HS and put me in print shop with the boys. Someone got me 🙂

Take a breather from writing & flying for awhile to re-group.

Onward through 2021!

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