My POV on this isn’t going to override all the social media/news from yesterday, which I purposely stayed off of to binge watch “The Crown.” Looks like everyone came out of the woodshed for that display yesterday, just like they did to vote for him 4 years ago.

The rest of us saw this coming from day 1…He threatened Hillary too, with his smug little look during the debates. When someone asked how he’d handle losing that election he said he wouldn’t handle it well. He’s said who he was this whole time, yesterday was not surprising at all.

What surprised me is putting Pence in a position to deny the votes too on his last few weeks. Trump’s willing to throw anyone under the bus.

It’s weird here (Northern California), we have a bridge over the freeway before you go through the tunnel into Berkeley where a bunch of Trump supporters have been on lately. It’s odd in this particular area, like provoking kind of?

My friend sent me this:

They should have replaced the American flag with a rebel one, these were no patriots like they’re claiming now. It would be funny if it wasn’t so scary.

Have not watched the news purposely again today…I just want this over with and for everyone to be vaccinated and be able to go back to work.

How frigg’in embarrassing for the world to see the U.S., let alone terrifying that these lunatics can somehow get in, armed, and think it’s patriotic? Well, no one else does and I’m glad the Republicans who are now seeing Trump for who he is are not wavering. I guess too, better now than if he was re-elected and getting him out for a 3rd term, that would be “A disaster.” Does the guy say anything else?

Done with my rant, I see a few people on here from other countries that read this and I want to apologize for our President.

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