A Plan!

Trying to re-group after postponing my instrument training indefinitely. One of the reasons is a very good one that I’m super excited about and can’t post. For that I need to be COVID free too, so I can’t take any chances. I’ll need to be available for a few months.

My CFI and I met for coffee, outside, to put something together. He was supposed to go back to airline training which has been postponed yet again by the airline. I have enough hours for a commercial license and all my requirements but one – a cross country with 3 stops in a day with one length being at least 250 NM. Soooo, I mapped out flying to Las Cruces and I can get that in flying there.

I’m still doing approaches on my SIM and working on my deficits. I don’t need a commercial license, or IFR for that matter, but I need something to work on. Since I gave up all I’ve been binge watching shows and too caught up in the news.

Turns out, I can get both IFR & commercial back to back if I wanted to. It might have to wait until summer when I feel comfortable around people again if I ever get vaccinated. It doesn’t seem like too much longer, they’re rolling them out here and I have several friends now who have gotten their first dose. They’re nurses, EMT’s or dentists, but I do at least have some 1st hand connections that got it.

I’ve been swimming so much I could qualify for the senior olympics after this.

Otherwise charging my camera up for another mini-staycation in Half Moon Bay to re-charge myself after the holidays. We’ll see how this attempt goes!!

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