Day 37: Back’s out, I’m out

AHHHHHHHHH!!!  This always comes out of nowhere, takes me completely out of the game.  As sucky as this whole shelter in place thing has been, at least I've been running and getting in shape.  I've lost 5 lbs through all this, was going to come out the other side ready for a bikini in Hawaii. … Continue reading Day 37: Back’s out, I’m out

Day 36: Get my shit back together

Last night there was another note from a friend saying the company is folding, jobless.  Two messages in one day about job loss where businesses are folding.  Lives and livelihoods, no wonder once a week I'm having a NBD! On the to-do list today is the drive through vet, gives me something to do while … Continue reading Day 36: Get my shit back together

Day 33: Suck it up people, this is worldwide !!

Spent the morning reading blogs from different parts of the world, we all seem to share the same parts of this.  Stay home orders, can't go to work, crappy Gov't responses.  When I was in Paris a few months ago, the sales clerk and I chatted about Trump & Macron.  Neither of us were thrilled … Continue reading Day 33: Suck it up people, this is worldwide !!

Day 32: Astrology charts

Why not?  There's nothing to do.  My friend is totally into this, she sent me my chart this morning according to my birth time/place.  It's all a little fascinating, there's a little bit of truth to everything. Not totally into it, pretty interesting though what she brought up about the Saturn cycle.   It takes … Continue reading Day 32: Astrology charts

Day 31: Mutiny

Now that this COVID ordeal is completely out of control with no end in sight, because for some reason widespread testing is not available, everyone's completely freaked out. The big mutiny in my hometown of Manhattan Beach is opening the beaches back up for the residents, all LA beaches are closed.  It does seem a … Continue reading Day 31: Mutiny