Where to live??

Still nursing a bruised tailbone from my Tahoe trip, it’s such a bummer!!  Every time I feel good to go, something happens to disrupt my flow (or bum my high).  At least it wasn’t my back again, that takes me out for months.  My truck is pretty much the only car that’s comfortable at least, I went to dinner with some childhood friends then drove back home.

A little overboard on the Photoshop??  Donner Lake

I’ve looked at houses in Tahoe before, thinking that wouldn’t be a bad place to retire?  My husband doesn’t share that dream, last time I went up to look at just condo’s I stopped short when he said he doesn’t envision himself up there.  It’s true, I’m the one who goes up all the time and I haven’t actually skied the past few years with all the life events that have been in the way.  Getting a place up there without being able to actually ski would be a real bummer!!  One of the times my back went was after skiing, cleaning the cabin, then driving home – Thank God I was home!!  I plugged something in, down I went for at least a week of not being able to move.

No filters – Donner Lake

One thing I’m not is a good cook, there are no good restaurants up there either.  I went to El Toro Bravo in Truckee for the worst Mexican food ever, I needed a steak knife for my tortilla it was so stale.  How do you screw up a cheese enchilada?  I found out.

When I got back to my full house, with a dirty kitchen waiting for mom to come home and clean, I wanted to cry.  I’d like just once to leave a clean kitchen, go downstairs 10 min later and not find a knife on the counter with crumbs all over the place.  Just to re-cap, my son and his wife with their dog are living with us.

Manhattan Beach is not within financial reach, besides, the new MB is not my scene.

When I got home I zillowed places in Monterey, found a cute place & hopped in the car yesterday to check out open houses.  The first one was the one we liked the most.  It’s small, walking distance from everything.  It’s a historical house that has been updated, some of those houses have not been updated at all.  We checked out a really small house in Pacific Grove that was about the size of the boat, the agent recommended we go to another house we might like.  YIKES!!  It was a mish-mosh of bad additions, the tour ended when I opened a closet emitting a smell of what I think was a dead body in there for 50 years.  I ran out, pissed at the realtor that suggested we even go there.

The other houses we checked out were very similar to the houses of MB past, little beach houses on small lots that were probably the same builder?  Most of those houses in MB are gone, torn down for some gross display of wealth.  There was always money in MB, the difference now is that people used to actually own their houses.  The only difference between Pacific Grove and MB is warm water, the water up here is freezing!!  Still, not cheap anywhere in CA regardless.

Walnut Creek was perfect to raise my boys, have a business, etc..  What I don’t want to do is what my IL’s did, move to a remote place that’s hard to get to.  They retired to Ojai, not close to any major hospital, airport or walking distance from anything.  Even in MB, the specialists are all in downtown LA which isn’t an easy drive for my mom.  It’s at least close to LAX.  In WC I can walk to Kaiser if I need to, that’s a big bonus.

Who knows??  I’ve been gone most of January, whenever I go through a place I wonder if I could live there?  Besides college, I’ve only lived in suburbia, it would be fun to switch things up a bit since I’m not tied to a school district, school schedule or work schedule.  We were joking I could work at that Pacific Grove golf course for Coursco again.  I worked at the golf course here for 7 years, I’m sure they’d recommend me.  Or I could just write in that cool coffee shop all day after paddle boarding…

Injured in Tahoe

Alright universe, walking it is!!  I keep trying to do the things I used to do, pretty well I might add, and get nailed by some random fall or something taking me out again.  I was on a roll!  I swam some laps the other day, was feeling good about taking things slow to build up my endurance, now this :(.

OK, there are worse places to be (and worse injuries) but I was really looking forward to downhill skiing for the first time in about 3 years.

Oh, I should probably mention that it’s just a bruised tailbone – I’m not in traction or anything a few months of advil won’t cure.  3 years ago I did a condo ski lease and was practically living up here to knock “ski bum” off my bucket list.  I’d work in the mornings, then hit the slopes after lunch with my season pass.  One sport I hadn’t tried was XC skiing, there’s a really nice place up in Tahoe-Donner where I thought I’d go ahead and try it.  At first I was like, “This is boring!”  The next day I was totally sore and had such a good workout from it, I went all in.

My feet just can’t handle ski boots all day anymore, I did get a ton of skiing in that year with my mid-week passes.  It was lonely though without my boys, we used to come up here all the time.  At Sugar Bowl I skied one day with this guy who had a house in Bisbee, we were on the lift together and I can’t remember how it came up?  But we skied together the rest of the day.  Finally my feet were numb and I said I was bouncing out, he followed me to the car.

One of the things he said to me was he was seeing someone who separated from her husband for him, but he really didn’t want that kind of “relationship.”  He wanted to be casual, when she left her husband he felt a little choked by the whole thing (I guess it was fine the way it was?).  I didn’t pay much attention to his story until he walked me to the car.  I gave him a “Heller hug,” which is known to be rather cold.  He said, “I want a real hug.”  He didn’t get one, I was pissed.  Driving off I finally got the moral to the story, he was available for his kind of relationship.  Swing & a miss buddy!

It would be one thing if he looked like Aquaman throwing it out there (kidding), I was insulted on a few different levels.  The rest of the season I skied alone.

I’ve been on the road for family stuff this Jan, just wanted to escape to my own little place I love to get a few non-stormy ski days in.  My warm up was supposed to be XC skiing again with an easy loop, then 2 days at Sugar Bowl.  Unfortunately, a pine tree branch I didn’t see until I was right there was about 5′ over the tracks and I tried to avoid it then went back to far on my ski’s and fell on my ass – the branch won.  I felt it right away, I’ve done it once before trying to snowboard with a hard fall when the kids were little.

Things could be worse, it just takes skiing out while I’m here.  It probably prevented a worse injury?  Sometimes I think skiing is an orthopedic surgeon’s dream come true.  I stood in a lift line at Northstar once when a snowboarder maneuvered the fence and slammed right into me.  I was fine, you just never know what can happen??


Can’t Fish

Thought I’d take the week I have free to come to Tahoe and check out some condo’s for my new life as an outdoors woman.  It’s been quite an experience, it’s off season up here and kinda cold.  The good thing about off season is the price of deluxe accommodations, I’m staying at Northstar resort, but all the stores are closed and there’s nobody here.  You park in this massive garage with no cars in it right now.  It has a very Stephen King quality to it.

Since there’s nothing to do here, I ventured to Tahoe City to check things out.  I’ve been there many times, mostly during the Winter or early Spring.  No one was in the water, no sailing or water sports, it’s too cold.  It was a really nice walk along the beach though, even that seems closed right now.  In a way, this is the time to come here without the crowds.

Last time I was here was an attempt to fish.  There’s a Bass Pro Shop on the way up, I stopped there to get a cheap pole and was overwhelmed.  I ended up going next door and getting even a cheaper pole at Walmart with cheap line.  Most of the time was spent putting the line on and then untangling it every time I cast out.  It’s catch and release here, which is fine with me if I knew how to do that.  I had YouTube on the whole time to figure it all out, very handy.  I didn’t catch anything, which probably was a blessing for both me and the fish.

The one time I had a bunch of success was when I hired a guide in Redding.  I flew up there and caught the max of small salmon.  I just reeled them in and he did the rest, we had salmon for weeks.

This time I still had all the fishing gear from my trip a few months ago in the back of my truck, minus my Leatherman…or so I thought.  In looking for a few things I bought when I went back to Bass Pro Shop, I couldn’t find the pliers, hooks, new line?  No matter, I went to the truck bed to get my pole to see how tangled the old line was only to discover that the hook was in my travel pillow that was in the back of my truck from my trip in May.  It was a total amateur move with nothing to disconnect them.  There were only some kids throwing rocks at each other where I was, it’s not like I had an audience.  It was still pretty funny to have this massive truck, ready to fish with a travel pillow as my bait.  I called it a disaster of an  expedition and set my keyboard up in a Starbucks w/ my headphones instead.


Driving around here on a Sunday was enlightening, it was the triathlete crowd.  Everyone had zero body fat with $20k bikes.  Then there’s the total outdoors people, then there’s me?  It’s just lonely up here, even when I had my ski bum year I rarely talked to anyone.  My son would come up on the train, that was fun.

Not sure I’m a year round Tahoe person?  It’s just way too lonely.  I need time to myself to re-charge, that one Winter was too much.  I’d get out of the condo to XC ski or downhill for a few hours, not talk to anyone the whole time.

As for fishing, not done with that yet.  As soon as I get my travel pillow un-hooked and find my purchases I’m going to try again.  Maybe not today, but someday.